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PC Base Stats: 2d6+6 in order, swap any two. 1d6 hp per point of CON.
Pure Strain Human - the bulk of the population in most areas
Mutant Human - also common
Replicant - Biogenetic artificial organisms, also known as GELFs (Genetically Engineered Life Forms). Those produced in the automated Malibu Production Vats resemble the cast of an ancient beach-based 20th century television show. Those outside Malibu are usually scouts, occasionally exiles.
Robot, Simulant - ancient cybernetic devices that still Serve Man (possibly for lunch).
Mutant Animal - descended from Ancient human/animal, prone to mutagenic change
Mutant Plant - descended from Ancient human/plant mix, prone to mutagenic change


Most tech is standard medieval level, but there is a limited number of hi-tech slugthrowers, energy weapons, and armour. Some cities maintain a small number of Dirigibles, flying ships held aloft by helium and able to travel four hundred miles in a day.

Inner City & Old Chicago Ruins, 2491

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